We are proud to have a Gold award for Green Tourism!

IMG_4311Being’Green’ isn’t something we do just for tourism, but more the way we live and work in our businesses. As well as self catering we run a hill farm, and the Garden Centre, and do traditional joinery! It is part of our ethos and lifestyle. For the self catering we-

  • We have our own water supply from a burn off the hill, which we treat with a UV filter.
  • There is an Information Folder in each property on where to buy local food, explore locally, purchase local crafts etc 
  • We grow our own vegetables which are often available for you to buy in season, if we have surplus. 
  • There is plenty of garden space for children (& adults) to play, including swings, tennis court and table tennis. There are also plenty of ‘toddler’ toys, due to our youngest family member!
  • You can walk, cycle, ride, swim in the sea, relax in the garden etc all from us, without needing to use your car.
  • Heating and lighting ( we are introducing LED bulbs as they need replacing) is from electricity (including off peak), and a wood burning stove, from our own wood.
  • We have masses of wildlife around us. we have a record that guests can add to -so far they have sited pine marten, sea eagles, gold crests and white ermine moths! Sea Eagles often soar above us, and nest in Glen Stockdale some years.
  • We recycle or reuse as much as we can, and encourage our guests to do so too! We have noticed that folk staying for short breaks do less recycling -please stop this observation by doing your bit!
  • We have a septic tank and only use eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • There is a bus stop within walking distance where you can get a bus going in Oban direction or Fort William direction. However there arent many per day, so we try to highlight the many activities that you can do from us Walking and cycling in Appin 
  • National Cycle Network – Route 78 – Oban to Fort William is five minutes away and is a great place for walking or cycling safely (with or without children!) It goes 6 miles north of us, then a short section on the main road, and then all the way to Glencoe. It goes pretty much all the way to Oban south of us! 

Kinlochlaich Garden Self Catering – Green Policy

checkered skipper

 We try to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment and we continually strive to live & work in a sustainable way.

baby blue tits

We undertake to:

  • Comply with any relevant environmental legislation and follow guidelines of good practice.
  • Reduce the use of energy and other finite resources.
  • Reduce amount of waste and reuse or recycle whenever possible.
  • Minimise pollution by continually evaluating possible emissions.
  • Raise awareness, learn from others, work at home and in the community to improve sustainable business practices.
  • Purchase and use products and services that try to minimise their impact on the environment.
    • We email out a questionaire after guests stay with one question being:                                                                  – “We are working to be ‘greener’. What do you think of our efforts? Did it influence your choice to stay here? Do you have any ideas or suggestions?”  Here are a few responses we have had:

      “Yes, it influenced me 100%. I loved all of the efforts you made to familiarise us with the ‘green’ options on offer. It would be great to know what you do with your compost and what kind of systems you have in place.” (we have a 3 compost heaps, which are used in the vegetable garden and in the borders)

      “You made every effort to be ‘green’.  It does attract us to a property that makes the effort to be more green”

“Being in a ‘Green’ cottage was very important to our stay”

  • You can see more comments about how ‘Green’ we are and feedback from other guests here


Planning to stay in other Gold Green Tourism Cottages? Look no further if you are heading to the Cairngorms Glencoldon in Boat of Garten  is amazing and we would highly recommend it having stayed there ourselves! Perfect spot to explore and relax and their green efforts are amazing!